Training Guide By Windz12345 ( ::train way )

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Training Guide By Windz12345 ( ::train way )

Post  windz12345 on Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:40 pm

First of you will be in level one go around train on level 11s untill you are 30-40 attack and defense , strengh

Then you will train on lvl 27 minotaurs reco 40-50 att def str

level 2 is level 44+ monsters will hit you automatically so have 43prayer and 60def att and str there will be a video of me doing a level 1-4 guide on barb

level 3 is where you have lvl 50 spiders ( able to afk ) easy training id have 65 def+ if you dont want to use many food

level 4 !!! last level lvl 90s! hit very high so be ware id have 85def+ 80str and 80att

When you arrive at 90+ goto tzhaars there will be fairy rings you can do ::commands to find the code to tzhaars you will need 43prayer atleast to survie! enjoy this guide i will be editing since faded is in beta!

this is By Windz12345 Very Happy Enjoy


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