How to make money by Crafting By Windz12345

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How to make money by Crafting By Windz12345

Post  windz12345 on Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:37 am

So to get you started id have atleast 2m. You start with 20m so that should be fine.

First off you will want to get a chisel from Elnock, who's located at home.(Right outside the bank)

Then buy a inventory full of opals cut them and sell back

then sapphires , cut and back and to dimaonds , then dragonstone

Dragonstone is needed 53 crafting ( this is where you make money )

you will make 400k-700k depending how many you have and when you reach lvl 67 crafting you will be able to cut oynx

oynx you will need 22m for a full inventory and you will make 2.5m per inventory of oynx keep cutting untill you get full inventory

For rangers you need 85- crafting for dragon hide you also need thread , needle to make d hide

chaps ( level 82 ) body ( level 84 ) vamps ( level 79 )

By Windz12345

Cool Cool Cool

enjoy and use!


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